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In Order From Amp to Guitar

'91 Vox AC30 6TB 30th anniversary edition #689 FAWN

This Amp is my baby, the first tube amp i ever had and probably the best one i will ever have. There was only 1000 of these ampsmade and thats what makes it so special! This amp was produced to be closer in design to the earlier 60s models by JMI. It has a sound no other amp can duplicate i jump the Brilliant and Normal channels to get the ultimate tone!

T1M Mini Buffer

This Pedal makes my tone a bit clearer, as with running so many pedals you can lose signal impedance. Stays on all the time.

RC Booster by Exotic Effects

This is my clean boost and it has a really good EQ on it. It Can add a tiny bit of grit if you have the gain up to high. But ultimately is a huge High end tone booster. Stays on all the time.

Road Rage True Bypass Looper

After the effects above i run into my 1st TBL which is a custom 8ch. with the last channel being a master bypass. 3 channels are currently unused because i have yet to afford other pedals i want to implement in my board. this looper is for my effects only

Boss RV-5

Reverb that almost everyone uses. I keep it on the modulation setting all the time and will adjust level for wet or dry reverb. Used about 90% of a Set

Strymon Blue-Sky Reverberator 

My newest addition to my gear still tweaking with its tone. This pedal has a lot of versatility. The main use that i have found for it is in using its Shimmer and plate setting with the pre-delay, decay and mix all at 3 o’clock provides a really cool synth sound.

Memory Man by Electroharmonix

I have an early 90’s vintage Memory man that they don’t make anymore. This is one of the greatest delays to ever walk the earth. It has an amazing pre-amp that gives me an extremely warm tone. I had many mods to this pedal done, trim pots aligned, chorus/vibrato effect increased, tone suck mod to increase input impedance and two dc wires hard wired through to use with my Voodoo. mods by Howard Davis I use this pedal for a lot of atmospheric sounds and swells.

Boss DD-20 Delay

Straight forward easy to use delay. It has five presets, i use mostly for dot 8th delay and for modulation sounds. lots of functionality with this delay as well and extremely affordable. someday i will get the Strymon Timeline when it isn’t $600 bones ugh.

My 1st TBL ends here

Ernie Ball jr Volume Pedal

My volume pedal was moded by JHS pedals with the no tone suck mod Link and i can greatly tell the difference. i like this pedal a lot its very simple and gets the job done.

Boss TU-2

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. My long used tuner that i run into the tuner out of my volume pedal so that its always on. i will use this tuner until it doesn’t work anymore then i will maybe get something new.

Road Rage True Bypass Looper

From here i go into my custom 4ch TBL this looper is for my compressor, OD’s and distortions. if you don’t have a true bypass looper i would look into getting one MASSIVE tone INCREASER.

Keeley Moded Rat

DO NOT BUY A BRAND NEW RAT, they suck. I have a rat with the 308 chipset and had it modded by keeley. they do a great job on this mod and give you a superior pedal. I use this for solo’s or parts where i need to jump in front of the rest of the band. I use the distortion knob very lightly or you can get to sounding like your in a medal band. Keeley puts a really nice bright EQ on it and a 3-way switch in which i mostly leave it up all the time.

Little Green Wonder

The name of this Pedal speaks for it self. This is my always on overdrive and gives me an amazing tone. i never switch this off just mostly turn down my volume knob to get cleaner so that way i don’t have to worry about turning on my OD and being 30db louder all of a sudden. These pedal is handmade from finland and are $300 bucks a pop but well worth it. This is a very warm overdrive with a great eq it has a Body knob to increase midrange drive, it the really does WONDERS!!!!


This pedal needs no introduction if you have researched anything on tone and OD you have hear of the timmy. Arguably the best transparent overdrive ever. I use this a lot stacked on top of my LGW and it is phenomenal. the wait time for these pedals is at 6 months. but you can find a high priced one on ebay.

Keeley 2knob Compressor

Great compressor i keep level knob at 3 o’clock and sustain at 9 o’clock. i never use this when strumming only for single notes or rhythm picking. Gives a great extra sustain on single notes and works great with single coil guitars aka TELE’s

JHS Little Black Buffer

And to cap off my signal i have yet another signal buffer this one by JHS which is a little more expensive than the T1M one. I would recommend being the T1M does the same thing and bout $40 bucks cheeper.

My only guitar i currently have is a Custom Tele

Mexican Fender Tele

This was my first project guitar where i did everything on my own. i am quite happy with it for its price and tone that i get. I changed the tone pot to be a push pull to change my bridge pickup to go from humbucker to single coil which is a great feature BTW’s and my volume pot to a more gradual 250k. I also added a noiseless DiMarco neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan hot rail bridge pickup (AMAZING). Changed all the hardware to black so it looks like a beauty. in the future i will invest in a Gretsch Duo Jet. But for now my Tele is sufficient.



G7th Capo


DR strings 10 gauge Med-tite

all George solderless L Cables

Planet Waves black ice heavy picks

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